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`path-to-sources\fluegg` is the top-level directory of the FluEgg project on
your machine.
## 10. Building an app
## 10. Build an executable
The FluEgg repository also contains code for the user interface. This user interface
may be tested by running the following command:
(env) C:\path-to-source\fluegg>python
For more information on how to use the user interface, see the FluEgg Manual.
In order to build the user interface as it appears through the command line,
the python module `pyinstaller` will be used. To start, enter the command:
(env) C:\path-to-source\fluegg>pyinstaller app.spec
The process of building the program may take a couple minutes. When complete,
attempt to run the build now stored in the auto-generated `dist` folder.
The executable will be named with a timestamp to distinguish between different
builds. If there are any issues during building or if the executable file
fails to run, check that all of the code requirements are satisfied using the command
`pip list` and see [Using Spec Files](
from the pyinstaller manual.
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