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......@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@
Miniconda is a Python distribution and environment manager. Miniconda will help
you install the correct packages and Python version to run the FluEgg code.
* Download [Miniconda]( Be sure
to download the 64-bit Python 3.7 version.
......@@ -69,13 +71,13 @@ repository.
(base) C:\path-to-sources>cd fluegg
* Create an environment by running `conda create --name fluegg`
* Create an environment by running `python -m venv env`
(base) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>conda create --name fluegg
(base) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>python -m venv env
See [Creating an environment with commands](
on the conda help page for more info.
See [Creating virtual environments](
on the venv help page for more info.
* Activate the fluegg environment
......@@ -83,8 +85,8 @@ You'll have to take this step every time you want to work in the FluEgg
development environment.
(base) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>conda activate fluegg
(fluegg) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>
(base) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>env\Scripts\activate
(env) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>
## 6. Install the fluegg environment
......@@ -92,19 +94,10 @@ development environment.
The fluegg environment contains Python packages that the fluegg package is
known to work with.
First, install Python. This will also install supporting libraries and
programs, including pip.
(fluegg) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>conda install python==3.7.3
If conda throws an SSL error, see [this document](
Next, install the packages in the environment using pip.
First, install the packages in the environment using pip.
(fluegg) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>pip install -r requirements.txt
(env) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>pip install -r requirements.txt
## 7. Install the fluegg package
......@@ -115,7 +108,7 @@ fluegg environment.
* Install the fluegg package with pip
(fluegg) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>pip install -e .
(env) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>pip install -e .
The `-e` option tells pip to install the fluegg package in "editable" mode.
......@@ -129,7 +122,7 @@ code is working correctly.
* From the fluegg directory, run `python test` from the
command line. The output should look something like the below text.
(fluegg) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>python test
(env) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>python test
*test output... maybe some warnings but it doesn't matter so long as the tests
......@@ -151,7 +144,7 @@ To build the documentation, run the command `python build_sphinx` from
the prompt. The output will look something like the below text.
(fluegg) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>python build_sphinx
(env) C:\path-to-sources\fluegg>python build_sphinx
running build_sphinx
*build process output*
The HTML pages are in docs\_build\html.
......@@ -161,3 +154,6 @@ To view the generated HTML documentation, open the file
`path-to-sources\fluegg\docs\_build\html\index.html` in a browser. Again,
`path-to-sources\fluegg` is the top-level directory of the FluEgg project on
your machine.
## 10. Building an app
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