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Added add method feature

parent e03bcafc
......@@ -274,6 +274,46 @@ class FullResults(Results):
return positions
def add(self, results):
"""Merges this results instance with another FullResults instance
results: Full Results
Must have an identical configuration and specifications except
for num_eggs
# compare results instances
if not isinstance(results, FullResults):
raise TypeError(
"The added configuration instance is not type FullResults")
other_config = results.configuration()
for key in self._configuration:
if key in ['num_eggs', 'sim_name']:
if self._configuration[key] != other_config[key]:
raise ValueError(
"The configuration values for {} are mismatched".format(key))
# merge
positions = results.positions()
widths = results._width
depths = results._depth
positions_merged = np.concatenate((self._positions, positions), axis=1)
self._positions = positions_merged
widths_merged = np.concatenate((self._width, widths), axis=1)
self._width = widths_merged
depths_merged = np.concatenate((self._depth, depths), axis=1)
self._depth = depths_merged
self._configuration['num_eggs'] = \
str(int(self._configuration['num_eggs']) +
def in_domain(self, time):
"""Returns a results instance containing particles that are
in the simulation domain at a given time
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