Commit 3e761e52 authored by Asquith, William H.'s avatar Asquith, William H.

removed old latex url wrappers in bibliography and updated main paper citation with doi number

parent 1c378a23
......@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@ directory.
Asquith, W.H., Seanor, R.C., McGuire, V.L., and Kress, W.H., 2020.
Methods to quality assure, plot, summarize, interpolate, and extend
groundwater-level information---Examples for the Mississippi River Valley
alluvial aquifer: USGS bureau approved and revision to
Environmental Modelling & Software.
alluvial aquifer: Environmental Modelling and Software,
This README file is located at the root level of visGWDB because the `./output/`
subdirectory can be freely deleted as it is created at run time. The `./output/`
......@@ -78,9 +78,9 @@ o The `GWwave.txt` file is an experimental table (mostly for the developer) in w
Pebesma, E.J., Bivand, R.S., 2005, Classes and methods for spatial data in R,
R News, v. 5, no. 2, accessed May 6, 2019, at
Pebesma, E.J., Bivand, R.S., 2018, sp---Classes and methods for spatial data,
R package version 1.3-1, dated June 5, 2018, accessed May 6, 2019,
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