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  • v.1.0.4   updates to align with another resubmission of paper to Environmental Modelling and Software
  • v.1.0.3   updates to align with resubmission of paper to Environmental Modelling and Software
  • v1.02   Extended the graphics to optional aquifer top drawing.
    23630d4d · v1.02 ·
  • v1.01   Revision required because a bug in visGWDB_pseudobs.R:PozoEstExport() required immediate attention.
    e52cb658 · version 1.01 ·
    Release v1.01
    • visGWDB_pseudobs.R:PozoEstExport() required two as.numeric() in operations on MONTH and DAY being used for a data frame subsetting. This was needed because LEV_ALT_VA and MONTHLY_LEV_ALT_VA were not being exported to the pozo output. The MONTH and DAY at the pertinent point in the code were already zero-padded character. In turn, this required that the reference output file was updated and renamed to
  • v1.00   Initial release coinciding with DOI number publication
    39a404a3 · minor edits ·