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......@@ -18,11 +18,11 @@ demonstration for the Mississippi River Valley alluvial aquifer: U.S. Geological
software release, Reston, Va.,
_Authors' ORCID nos.:_
William H. Asquith, 0000-0002-7400-1861;
Ronald C. Seanor, 0000-0001-5735-5580;
Virginia L. McGuire, 0000-0002-3962-4158;
Wade H. Kress, 0000-0002-6833-028X.
_Authors' [ORCID]( nos.:_
William H. Asquith, [0000-0002-7400-1861](;
Ronald C. Seanor, [0000-0001-5735-5580](;
Virginia L. McGuire, [0000-0002-3962-4158](;
Wade H. Kress, [0000-0002-6833-028X](
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ many computer platforms. In particular, this README describes a frozen instance
release (see `./inst/USGSapproval20190726.pdf`). A separate nonpublic
development directory structure does exist (late summer 2019) within a much larger
repository on groundwater-level information processing and delivery for the Mississippi
Alluvial Plain (MAP) Regional Water Availability Study
Alluvial Plain ([MAP]( Regional Water Availability Study
(accessed August 1, 2019 at
The MAP project extent is shown below.
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