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#### Author: William H. Asquith
#### Point of contact: William H. Asquith (
This file provides a summary of potentially useful "software availability" statements potentially useful for homepages of related research articles.
# Software availability
Software name: visGWDBmrva
Developer: William H. Asquith
Contact address: U.S. Geological Survey (
Year first official release: 2019
Hardware requirements: Linux, MacOS, Standard PC
System requirements: standard
Program languages: R (
Software requirements: R, RStudio (, R packages as documented
Program size: R (770 MB) (for visGWDBmrva guided example)
Availability: []
License: Creative Commons (CCO) license (see also
Documentation and support for users: READMEs in GitLab repository documentation, example dataset, guided example and reference output.
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