Commit ef84804c authored by Asquith, William H.'s avatar Asquith, William H.

added support for last minute execution of a users custom code block

parent 5d3e05c8
......@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@ source("include/visGWDB_depends.R") # various dependencies beyond packages requi
# The _emplacer.R could be altered to say different time periods etc.
if(! exists("GWmaster")) source("include/visGWDB_emplacer.R")
USER_CODE <- "./user_code.R" # see the solitary use of this variable below
# Note that GWtrim is consulted in next two sources, but factor levels
# were inherited from GWmaster. This means that factor levels are based on a global look at the
# database as represented by the GWmaster though processing is done on the GWtrim.
......@@ -85,10 +87,21 @@ source("include/visGWDB_headers.R")
sites_original <- sites # sites_original is not intended to be used again, convenient for testing
#sites <- sample(sites, size=20) # The git intent is to have this uncommented for potential outsiders testing
# Sites for a working paper by Asquith and Seanor
# Sites for a working paper by Asquith, Seanor, McGuire, and Kress (20NN).
sites <- c("AR008:354547090522001", "USGS:320314091452201", "USGS:331101090294801",
"USGS:331745090260401", "USGS:331750090294501", "USSCS:343532091211601",
# This is an addition in November 2019 for optional execution of user provided
# code in the home directory of visGWDB.R. This was needed for some particular
# looping around the master loop but some of the variables needed to be modified
# at the very very very last minute because they would be otherwise reset
# each time the visGWDB.R script was called. The idea is there was a PARENT
# SCRIPT that did some things with a loop around a source("visGWDB.R").
# In particular, the 'sites' and some axis settings needed to be edited and
# this is the only place to do that before it is otherwise too late.
if(file.exists(USER_CODE)) source(USER_CODE)
# checks on logical switches of major control, but could be useful in future development
# for any extremely last minutes things that need to be automatially reviewed.
source("include/visGWDB_lastCall.R") # this code also sets the remaining legacy or
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