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DRAFT: QAQC runoff calc with weight_matrix_conus.csv

Sleckman, Margaux requested to merge notebook-runoff-calc-national into main

This MR aims at addressing QAQC item raised in the following comment in #8 (closed).

In this branch, I added a notebook folder with two jupyter notebooks that run the runoff module functions from hyswap using the weight_matrix.csv as input. The folder includes Jay's notebook that he used to test the function on a sampled weight_matrix input file (file: wghts_tbl.csv - see this thread). The folder also includes a second notebook (runoff_calc_conus_trial.ipynb) that replicates the steps done by Jay in teh first notebook but applied to the conus weight matrix (conus_wghts_tbl.csv). This second notebook is what we want to build upon in this MR. I did already run this notebook when drafting it, and got empty result in my attempt, but I did not get a chance to dig further.
The input weight matrices csv files are not committed to this repo, but I've attached them to this MR below.

@shamshaw, as we discussed, I'd like you to take a look at the runoff_calc_conus_trial notebook and evaluate the conus_wghts_tbl.csv input file for the hyswap runoff module. Note that conus_wghts_tbl.csv was build in my dir in caldera which I can point you to if needed.


Other notes:

  • Keeping this MR in Draft form for now since this is a QAQC MR
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