Commit 9369c532 authored by Laura A DeCicco's avatar Laura A DeCicco
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Updating tests

parent 920c988b
......@@ -375,8 +375,8 @@ test_that("400 errors return a verbose error", {
url <- ",42.303044,-92.167168,42.646524&format=mapper"
expect_equal(tryCatch(getWebServiceData(url), error = function(e) e$message), "HTTP Status 400 - syntactic error: Only one Major filter can be supplied. Found [bbox] and [stateCd]. Please remove the extra major filter[s].")
expect_equal(tryCatch(getWebServiceData(url), message = function(e) e$message)[1], "Request failed [400]. Retrying in 1 seconds...\n")
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