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multi-site calls working, just need to deal with attrs when empty sites involved

parent 3fd90de3
......@@ -15,33 +15,65 @@ readNGWMNdata <- function(featureID, request = "observation", asDateTime = TRUE)
if(request == "observation"){
allObs <- NULL
allAttrs <- NULL
#these attributes are pulled out and saved when doing binds to be reattached
attrs <- c("url","gml:identifier","generationDate")
for(f in featureID){
obsFID <- retrieveObservation(f, asDateTime)
obsFID <- retrieveObservation(f, asDateTime, attrs)
allObs <- obsFID
allObs <- bind_rows(allObs, obsFID)
obsFIDatt <- saveAttrs(attrs, obsFID)
allAttrs <- saveAttrs(attrs, allObs)
allObs <- removeAttrs(attrs, allObs)
obsFID <- removeAttrs(attrs, obsFID)
allAttrs <- bind_rows(allAttrs, obsFIDatt)
allObs <- bind_rows(allObs, obsFID)
attributes(allObs) <- c(attributes(allObs),as.list(allAttrs))
returnData <- allObs
returnData <- allObs
retrieveObservation <- function(featureID, asDateTime){
retrieveObservation <- function(featureID, asDateTime, attrs){
#allow for multiple site calls, and aggregate here?
#will need to contruct this more piece by piece if other versions, properties are added
baseURL <- ""
url <- paste0(baseURL, featureID)
returnData <- importNGMWN_wml2(url, asDateTime)
#tack on site number
if(nrow(returnData) == 0){
#need to add NA attributes, so they aren't messed up when stored as DFs
attr(returnData, "gml:identifier") <- NA
attr(returnData, "generationDate") <- NA
#mutate removes the attributes, need to save and append
attribs <- saveAttrs(attrs, returnData)
if(nrow(returnData) > 0){
#tack on site number
siteNum <- rep(sub('.*\\.', '', featureID), nrow(returnData))
returnData <- mutate(returnData, site = siteNum)
returnData <- returnData[,c(7,1:6)] #move siteNum to the left
attributes(returnData) <- c(attributes(returnData), as.list(attribs))
#save specified attributes from a data frame
saveAttrs <- function(attrs, df){
attribs <- sapply(attrs, function(x) attr(df, x))
return(, stringsAsFactors = FALSE))
#strip specified attributes from a data frame
removeAttrs <- function(attrs, df){
for(a in attrs){
attr(df, a) <- NULL
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