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"name": "FACET",
"organization": "U.S. Geological Survey",
"description": "Floodplain and Channel Evaluation Tool: FACET. A Python tool to map stream and floodplain geomorphic characteristics from digital elevation models",
"version": "0.1.0",
"status": "Production",
"permissions": {
"usageType": "openSource",
"licenses": [
"name": "Public Domain, CC0-1.0",
"URL": "https://code.usgs.gov/water/facet/blob/master/LICENSE.md"
"homepageURL": "https://code.usgs.gov/water/facet",
"downloadURL": "https://code.usgs.gov/water/facet/-/archive/v0.1.0/facet-v0.1.0.zip",
"disclaimerURL": "https://code.usgs.gov/water/facet/blob/master/DISCLAIMER.md",
"repositoryURL": "https://code.usgs.gov/water/facet.git",
"vcs": "git",
"laborHours": 2080,
"tags": [
"languages": [
"contact": {
"name": "Kristina Hopkins",
"email": "khopkins@usgs.gov"
"date": {
"metadataLastUpdated": "2019-12-02"
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