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......@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@ As the program runs, each step’s output is updated and overwritten. All butto
The Blank.accdb file is a mostly empty database with the sole purpose of returning the user to the primary Sed_SAT.accdb file. This allows the Sed_SAT.accdb file to be updated by the Rscripts being run. The only screen in the Blank.accdb file is shown below
<img src="SedimentFingerprinting_R/readMeImages/Figure10.PNG" alt="Sed_Sat" height="550px" align="center" />
<img src="SedimentFingerprinting_R/readMeImages/Figure10.PNG" alt="Sed_Sat" height="350px" align="center" />
### User - friendly Step-by-Step guides
Follow all user prompts as they appear to exectute the statitical steps in Sed_SAT. For more detailed instructions on all steps see the [Instruction Manual](
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