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2. Click Run->Reset, which will close the VBA Editor
<img src="SedimentFingerprinting_R/readMeImages/Figure3.png" alt="Sed_Sat" height="550px" align="center" />
<img src="SedimentFingerprinting_R/readMeImages/Figure3.png" alt="Sed_Sat" height="400px" align="center" />
3. Close the open form window by clicking the X in the upper right corner
<img src="SedimentFingerprinting_R/readMeImages/Figure4.png" alt="Sed_Sat" height="550px" align="center" />
<img src="SedimentFingerprinting_R/readMeImages/Figure4.png" alt="Sed_Sat" height="500px" align="center" />
4. Press Alt+F11 to open the Visual Basic® Editor
......@@ -135,6 +135,7 @@ In order for Sed_SAT to function, the data must be properly formatted (links to
The example datasets provided can be run through the program for practice purposes and/or used as a guide to properly format import datasets. Links to the datasets are given below. The files are located in the “ExampleDatasets” folder, and come pre-loaded in the program. However the user can practice importing the datasets from any location. The example datasets include size data (Surface_Area), organic content data (Total Organic Carbon, TOC), elemental analysis (metals), stable isotopes (δ13C, δ15N), and radionuclides (137Cs , excess 210Pb). The source dataset contains censored values (nondetects) flagged by missing values. Negatives and zeros are true values not nondetects. These datasets are examples only, and are not meant to restrict the types or the number of tracers that can be analyzed, the type of nondetect flag, or the file type. See Import Source and Target Data for supported file types. Minor formatting errors are included in the example datasets; these errors are designed to trigger the Data Testing Module screens. These are all acceptable formatting errors that can be fixed within the program without having to alter the original files.
Click the links below to view the example datasets.
[Source Data](
[Target Data](
......@@ -174,7 +175,7 @@ As the program runs, each step’s output is updated and overwritten. All butto
The Blank.accdb file is a mostly empty database with the sole purpose of returning the user to the primary Sed_SAT.accdb file. This allows the Sed_SAT.accdb file to be updated by the Rscripts being run. The only screen in the Blank.accdb file is shown below
<img src="SedimentFingerprinting_R/readMeImages/Figure10.jpg" alt="Sed_Sat" height="550px" align="center" />
<img src="SedimentFingerprinting_R/readMeImages/Figure10.PNG" alt="Sed_Sat" height="550px" align="center" />
### User - friendly Step-by-Step guides
Follow all user prompts as they appear to exectute the statitical steps in Sed_SAT. For more detailed instructions on all steps see the [Instruction Manual](
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