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Fix/changes from domain reviewer

Haider, Saira Mumtaz requested to merge fix/changes-from-domain-reviewer into releases

Additional replies not addressed by changes in package:

The ‘area’ column is now explained in the documentation (to reconcile the code review), and the ‘conv’ column no longer needs to be used. It’s still in the database which is why it shows up.

I looked into the warnings and updated the CRS assignment method. I saw the same thing as what Jason suggested. Things may need changed in the future to be compatible with updates to rgdal 1.5-8 and the migration to gdal 3 and proj 6, but nothing needs done at this time.

As you mentioned, we used the function graph.rbf() which uses the optimize() function from the stats package. We tried the bobyqa function in development but were unable to get results.

The anisotropic parameters were carried over from the V2 software to maintain consistency in outputs for the user base.

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