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Update dependency stylelint-config-recommended-scss to v5 - autoclosed

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
stylelint-config-recommended-scss 4.3.0 -> 5.0.0 age adoption passing confidence

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This release adds over a dozen new rules.

If needed, you can extend the config to turn off any of the new rules.

  • Removed: stylelint less than 14.0.0 from peer dependencies.
  • Changed: updated to stylelint-config-recommended@6.0.0.
  • Added: scss/at-extend-no-missing-placeholder rule.
  • Added: scss/at-if-no-null rule.
  • Added: scss/at-import-no-partial-leading-underscore rule.
  • Added: scss/at-import-partial-extension rule.
  • Added: scss/comment-no-empty rule.
  • Added: scss/declaration-nested-properties-no-divided-groups rule.
  • Added: scss/dollar-variable-no-missing-interpolation rule.
  • Added: scss/function-quote-no-quoted-strings-inside rule.
  • Added: scss/function-unquote-no-unquoted-strings-inside rule.
  • Added: scss/no-duplicate-mixins rule.
  • Added: scss/no-global-function-names rule.
  • Added: scss/operator-no-newline-after rule.
  • Added: scss/operator-no-newline-before rule.
  • Added: scss/operator-no-unspaced rule.


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