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Update dependency core-js to v3.16.0 - autoclosed

igswsihw-wmadepbot requested to merge renovate/core-js-3.x into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
core-js 3.15.2 -> 3.16.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



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  • Array find from last proposal moved to the stage 3, July 2021 TC39 meeting
  • Array filtering stage 1 proposal:
    • Array.prototype.filterReject replaces Array.prototype.filterOut
    • %TypedArray%.prototype.filterReject replaces %TypedArray%.prototype.filterOut
  • Added Array grouping stage 1 proposal:
    • Array.prototype.groupBy
    • %TypedArray%.prototype.groupBy
  • Work with symbols made stricter: some missed before cases of methods that should throw an error on symbols now works as they should
  • Handling @@​toPrimitive in some cases of ToPrimitive internal logic made stricter
  • Fixed work of Request with polyfilled URLSearchParams, #​965
  • Fixed possible exposing of collections elements metadata in some cases, #​427
  • Fixed crashing of Object.create(null) on WSH, #​966
  • Fixed some cases of typed arrays subclassing logic
  • Fixed a minor bug related to string conversion in RegExp#exec
  • Fixed Date.prototype.getYear feature detection
  • Fixed content of some entry points
  • Some minor optimizations and refactoring
  • Deno:
    • Added Deno support (sure, after bundling since Deno does not support CommonJS)
    • Allowed deno target in core-js-compat / core-js-builder
    • A bundle for Deno published on
  • Added / updated compat data / mapping:
    • Deno 1.0-1.13
    • NodeJS up to 16.6
    • iOS Safari up to 15.0
    • Samsung Internet up to 15.0
    • Opera Android up to 64
    • Object.hasOwn marked as supported from V8 9.3 and FF92
    • Date.prototype.getYear marked as not supported in IE8-
  • Added summary option to core-js-builder, see more info in the README, #​910


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