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Update dependency aiohttp to v3.8.1 - autoclosed

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aiohttp ==3.8.0 -> ==3.8.1 age adoption passing confidence

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  • Fix the error in handling the return value of getaddrinfo. getaddrinfo will return an (int, bytes) tuple, if CPython could not handle the address family. It will cause a index out of range error in aiohttp. For example, if user compile CPython with --disable-ipv6 option but his system enable the ipv6. #&#8203;5901 <>_
  • Do not install "examples" as a top-level package. #&#8203;6189 <>_
  • Restored ability to connect IPv6-only host. #&#8203;6195 <>_
  • Remove Signal from __all__, replace aiohttp.Signal with aiosignal.Signal in docs #&#8203;6201 <>_
  • Made chunked encoding HTTP header check stricter. #&#8203;6305 <>_

Improved Documentation

  • update quick starter demo codes. #&#8203;6240 <>_
  • Added an explanation of how tiny timeouts affect performance to the client reference document. #&#8203;6274 <>_
  • Add flake8-docstrings to flake8 configuration, enable subset of checks. #&#8203;6276 <>_
  • Added information on running complex applications with additional tasks/processes -- :user:Dreamsorcerer. #&#8203;6278 <>_


  • #&#8203;6205 <>_


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