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Update dependency stylelint to v14.1.0 - autoclosed

igswsihw-wmadepbot requested to merge renovate/stylelint-14.x into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
stylelint (source) 14.0.1 -> 14.1.0 age adoption passing confidence

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  • Added: support for directory creation to --output-file flag (#​5672).
  • Added: ConfigurationError type (#​5696).
  • Added: rule-selector-property-disallowed-list rule (#​5679).
  • Added: ignore: ["consecutive-duplicates-with-same-prefixless-values"] to declaration-block-no-duplicate-properties (#​5609).
  • Added: ignorePseudoClasses: [] to max-nesting-depth (#​5620).
  • Fixed: extending rules within overrides (#​5683).
  • Fixed: color-function-notation false positives for hex colours (#​5650).
  • Fixed: declaration-empty-line-before false positives for values wrapped in parentheses (#​5680).
  • Fixed: indentation TypeError for baseIndentLevel: 1 option for Vue files (#​5657).
  • Fixed: property-no-unknown false positives for maps (#​5690).
  • Fixed: selector-type-case false positives for SVG type selectors (#​5717).


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