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Update dependency reselect to v4.1.5 - autoclosed

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This release updates the TS types to correctly infer selector parameters when input selectors have undefined or null as a parameter type or have optional parameters, and exports the CreateSelectorFunction type to fix uses of createStructuredSelector.

(The types fixes feel like playing whack-a-mole, but they keep getting better!

What's Changed

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This release has (you guessed it) more fixes to the TS types: a change to parameter merging that fixes breakage with selectors and RTK Query's API state, a simplification of the OutputSelectorFields type to improve selector variable readability, another update to parameter merging to flag nested never fields as compile errors, and a fix to createStructuredSelector parameters to resolve a lib compilation problem.


More TS Fixes

The parameter merging fixes in 4.1.3 tried to "unwrap/expand" the parameter types to make them more readable, such as showing intersected objects as {a, b, c} instead of {a} & {b} & {c}. This was done with a recursive expansion type. That turned out to break with the complex state types used by RTK Query. We've updated the type expansion to only be a single level instead, which fixes the compilation issue.

The OutputSelectorFields type previously took two generics: the Combiner function, and a Result type. This led to extra values being shown in hover previews for selectors. By inferring Result = ReturnType<Combiner>, we were able to drop the second generic and cut down on the amount of types shown in previews.

A user noted that intersected objects with top-level incompatible fields (like {a: string} & {a: number}) resulted in empty objects, but no compile error. We've updated the parameter merging to flag those as never and catch the problem at compile time. Deeper nested incompatible fields should already be caught by TS.

The previous fix to createStructuredSelector missed a step in the spreading process, which has now been fixed.

What's Changed

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This release rewrites the TS type inference of input selector parameters for correctness, fixes inference of createStructuredSelector inputs, and fixes an issue with the OutputSelectorFields type not being exported.


Input Selector Parameter Inference Improvements

Reselect's types have always been extremely tricky, because it involves passing multiple input selectors with potentially heterogeneous, and then nested function composition of multiple selectors. Additionally, the input selectors can be passed as individual arguments or a single array of input selectors.

The 4.0.0 typedefs dealt with this by hand-writing dozens of overloads, which was absolutely impossible to maintain.

In 4.1, we took advantage of TS's improved abilities to infer array/tuple types to consolidate the typedefs.

One of the issues that happened as a result was that arguments at the same input parameter index were being "unioned" together, rather than "intersectioned". For example, in this complex selector:

  const input1 = (
    _: StateA,
    { testNumber }: { testNumber: number },
    c: number,
    d: string
  ) => testNumber

  const input2 = (
    _: StateA,
    { testString }: { testString: string },
    c: number | string
  ) => testString

  const input3 = (
    _: StateA,
    { testBoolean }: { testBoolean: boolean },
    c: number | string,
    d: string
  ) => testBoolean

  const input4 = (_: StateA, { testString2 }: { testString2: string }) =>

  const testSelector = createSelector(
    (testNumber, testString, testBoolean) => testNumber + testString

The second arg should end up as an object like {testNumber: number, testString: string, testBoolean: boolean, testString2: string}. However, it was ending up as four separate one-field objects. Similarly, the combination of number and number | string should be narrowed down to just number as an acceptable value.

We've rewritten the types to successfully accomplish that (although it took a lot of collective effort and headbanging to actually pull this off!) This should now give much more correct results when determining the final parameters that can be passed to a selector.

createStructuredSelector Fixes

Similarly, createStructuredSelector wasn't always inferring its arguments properly. We were able to reuse the parameter inference work here as well.

OutputSelectorFields Exported

The public OutputSelector type depended on an internal OutputSelectorFields type, but since OSF wasn't being exported, TS would throw errors when trying to generate declaration files that exported selectors. That is now public as well.

What's Changed

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