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Wdfn 686 add not robot button to feedback form

Before making a pull request

  • Run all linters (make lint)
  • Run all tests (make test)
  • Update the changelog appropriately
  • If making a release, update code.json, versionNumber and metadataLastUpdated.

Description WDFN-686 Add 'not a robot' button to feedback form

This adds a little more sophisticated version of the anti spam checkbox used on Water Alert. I feel like the combination of 'check one but not the other' will foil all spam bots that are not custom written for our pages. Hopefully it will not confuse users.

Image - New spambot catcher


After making a pull request

  • If appropriate, put the link to the PR in the JIRA ticket
  • Assign someone to review unless the change is trivial

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