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WDFN-703 - Alternate parm code selector in Groundwater Data section doesn't function

Bucknell, Mary S. requested to merge mbucknell/waterdataui:wdfn-703 into main

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There was a change in the payload of the available statisical data payload where the id no longer contained the agencyCd-siteno-tsId, but now only includes tsID. I think we actually fixed this in one place but not within the graph-controls for the dv-hydrograph. While looking at this, I realized that the code to determine the "best" parameter code was not actually used to set the initial value of the parameter code radio buttons. In addition, the payload now includes a "best" boolean which indicates which statistical time series is the best one for this site. We are now using this to set the initial value of the parameter code selection radio buttons.

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