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WDFN-777 - Convert Map to Vue Component

Before making a pull request

  • Put the appropriate EXEMPT flag if needed in the MR label (see
  • Run all linters (make lint)
  • Run all tests (make test)
  • Update the changelog appropriately
  • If making a release, update code.json metadataLastUpdated and bump to next version.

Description WDFN-777 - Convert Map to Vue Component

Convert the monitoring locations map to use Vue. This makes several changes to the application:

  • removes the flood slider setting from the application state and manages the value with props
  • removes the flood data from the state and manages the data with props
  • removes the NLDI data from state and manages the date with props
  • the display of the map is handled by three components, USWDSRangeSlider, MapApp.vue, and MonitoringLocationMap.vue
  • the USWDSRangeSlider is available from the vue-wdfn-components npm package, but we are waiting on changing the tests to Vitetest before installing.

After making a pull request

  • If appropriate, put the link to the PR in the JIRA ticket
  • Assign someone to review unless the change is trivial
  • Check the accessibility CI step and fix or explain any issues.
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