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Updated to use standard stylelint rules and set up vue SFC styling.

Before making a pull request

  • Put the appropriate EXEMPT flag if needed in the MR label (see
  • Run all linters (make lint)
  • Run all tests (make test)
  • Update the changelog appropriately
  • If making a release, update code.json metadataLastUpdated and bump to next version.


The vast majority of the changes were whitespace issues (indentation, too many, and needing line feeds). There are a few things I have overridden in the standard stylesheets but for the most part it uses the standard stylesheets while linting the scss and vue files. I also continued to remove style declarations that we are no longer using.

I also moved the .stylelintrc into assets as that is where my IDE was expecting it and then it is the same place as .eslintrc. While doing this, I noticed my IDE (PyCharm) was not set up to automatically apply the stylelintrc file as it was by default only looking at .css files, so I updated that as well, making updating the code much simplier.

After making a pull request

  • If appropriate, put the link to the PR in the JIRA ticket
  • Assign someone to review unless the change is trivial
  • Check the accessibility CI step and fix or explain any issues.

Merge request reports