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Wdfn 912, part 2 - Created specific implementation of the DataDetailsBaseRow for all the rows.

Bucknell, Mary S. requested to merge mbucknell/waterdataui:wdfn-912-part2 into main

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Consolidated the implementation of the DataDetailsGrid and its subcomponents. It makes sense to create specific implementations of each kind or row and then pass properties for information that is used by more than one subcomponent or that makes more sense to extract within the DataDetailsGrid.

Created the new subcomponent, DataDetailsSelectedIvRow, which will implement both the primary and the secondary selected IV data rows. We created standardized properties to describe what data is available for display on the graph, specifically booleans to indicated the presence of primary IV data, secondary IV data, and GW level visits. These are used by several different specific implementation of the base rows. Also added for the DataDetailsSelectedIvRow the name of the parameter code for the implemented row to be used for display in the row.

This work was done to improve the testability and maintainability of the DataDetailsGrid as a whole. As rows and features are added to the grid, we should try to maintain these consistent patterns of implementation and test.

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