WASP-350: Search and Filter Map and Legend Integration

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This is a follow up merge request based off of !726 (closed) which was closed because of the amount of comments making it hard to see the changes taking place.

This introduced the integration of the Location Type(s) filters with the API data that updates the markers on the map. Once the filters are selected, the legend below the map will update to show the location types being filtered.

Note that there is still work needed to get full coverage on the GraphQL implementation. One option could be moving away from onResult and onError in favor of exposing result, loading, and error returned from useQuery. Other options include moving this functionality into a composable that can be tested in isolation, or moving away from handling this in the store and using one of the components available as a wrapper from Vue Apollo. Right now the coverage can be seen below for the store showing where the coverage is missing.

I tried to use the recommendation from vitest for graphql using mock service worker - https://mswjs.io/ - and did not see it working correctly. That does not mean it will not work, but I would need more time to allocate for that integration.


With this new merge request, it is the hope that reviewing will be easier without the noise of the comments found in 726.

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