Update dependency sinon to v15.0.2 - autoclosed

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Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
sinon (source) 15.0.1 -> 15.0.2 age adoption passing confidence

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  • 19bd99f3 Use no-op for every function when restoring instances (#​2499) (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
  • 8663ffa0 Upgrade deps (#​2498) (Carl-Erik Kopseng)

    Browserify, supports-color, husky had to be held back.

  • e01275bb Un-pin @​sinonjs/fake-timers (#​2495) (Jordan Hawker)

    The commit upgrading from v9 to v10 appears to have accidentally dropped the caret from the version range

  • 6cbde9b0 fix throws().callsFake() precedence (#​2497) (Eduardo Diaz)

    This makes sure an unconditional callsFake() invoked on the same stub that was previously setup to throw will overwrite the previous behavior. This aligns it with the other behaviors.

  • 45be60f3 Replace probot/stale with official stale action (Morgan Roderick)

Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2023-03-12.


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