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Update Node.js to v18.16.0 - autoclosed

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
node engines minor 18.15.0 -> 18.16.0

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Release Notes


v18.16.0: 2023-04-12, Version 18.16.0 'Hydrogen' (LTS), @​danielleadams

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Notable changes
Add initial support for single executable applications

Compile a JavaScript file into a single executable application:

$ echo 'console.log(`Hello, ${process.argv[2]}!`);' > hello.js

$ cp $(command -v node) hello

### On systems other than macOS:
$ npx postject hello NODE_JS_CODE hello.js \
    --sentinel-fuse NODE_JS_FUSE_fce680ab2cc467b6e072b8b5df1996b2

### On macOS:
$ npx postject hello NODE_JS_CODE hello.js \
    --sentinel-fuse NODE_JS_FUSE_fce680ab2cc467b6e072b8b5df1996b2 \
    --macho-segment-name NODE_JS

$ ./hello world
Hello, world!

Contributed by Darshan Sen in #​45038

Replace url parser with Ada

Node.js gets a new URL parser called Ada that is compliant with the WHATWG URL Specification and provides more than 100% performance improvement to the existing implementation.

Contributed by Yagiz Nizipli in #​46410

Other notable changes
  • buffer:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add Buffer.copyBytesFrom(...) (James M Snell) #​46500
  • doc:
    • add marco-ippolito to collaborators (Marco Ippolito) #​46816
    • add debadree25 to collaborators (Debadree Chatterjee) #​46716
    • add deokjinkim to collaborators (Deokjin Kim) #​46444
  • events:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add listener argument to listenerCount (Paolo Insogna) #​46523
  • lib:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add AsyncLocalStorage.bind() and .snapshot() (flakey5) #​46387
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add aborted() utility function (Debadree Chatterjee) #​46494
  • src:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) allow optional Isolate termination in node::Stop() (Shelley Vohr) #​46583
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) allow embedder control of code generation policy (Shelley Vohr) #​46368
  • stream:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add abort signal for ReadableStream and WritableStream (Debadree Chatterjee) #​46273
  • tls:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) support automatic DHE (Tobias Nießen) #​46978
  • url:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) implement URLSearchParams size getter (James M Snell) #​46308
  • worker:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add support for worker name in inspector and trace_events (Debadree Chatterjee) #​46832


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