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Update dependency sass to v1.66.1 - autoclosed

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
sass 1.63.6 -> 1.66.1 age adoption passing confidence

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Release Notes

sass/dart-sass (sass)


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  • Fix a bug where Sass compilation could crash in strict mode if passed a callback that threw a string, boolean, number, symbol, or bignum.


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  • Breaking change: Drop support for the additional CSS calculations defined in CSS Values and Units 4. Custom Sass functions whose names overlapped with these new CSS functions were being parsed as CSS calculations instead, causing an unintentional breaking change outside our normal [compatibility policy] for CSS compatibility changes.

    Support will be added again in a future version, but only after Sass has emitted a deprecation warning for all functions that will break for at least three months prior to the breakage.


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  • Update abs-percent deprecatedIn version to 1.65.0.


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  • All functions defined in CSS Values and Units 4 are now parsed as calculation objects: round(), mod(), rem(), sin(), cos(), tan(), asin(), acos(), atan(), atan2(), pow(), sqrt(), hypot(), log(), exp(), abs(), and sign().

  • Deprecate explicitly passing the % unit to the global abs() function. In future releases, this will emit a CSS abs() function to be resolved by the browser. This deprecation is named abs-percent.


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  • No user-visible changes.


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Embedded Sass
  • Fix a bug where a valid SassCalculation.clamp() with less than 3 arguments would throw an error.


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  • Comments that appear before or between @use and @forward rules are now emitted in source order as much as possible, instead of always being emitted after the CSS of all module dependencies.

  • Fix a bug where an interpolation in a custom property name crashed if the file was loaded by a @use nested in an @import.

JavaScript API
  • Add a new SassCalculation type that represents the calculation objects added in Dart Sass 1.40.0.

  • Add Value.assertCalculation(), which returns the value if it's a SassCalculation and throws an error otherwise.

  • Produce a better error message when an environment that supports some Node.js APIs loads the browser entrypoint but attempts to access the filesystem.

Embedded Sass
  • Fix a bug where nested relative @imports failed to load when using the deprecated functions render or renderSync and those relative imports were loaded multiple times across different files.


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