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Update dependency eslint to v8.56.0 - autoclosed

igswsihw-wmadepbot requested to merge renovate/eslint-8.x into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
eslint (source) devDependencies minor 8.55.0 -> 8.56.0


Some dependencies could not be looked up. Check the warning logs for more information.

Release Notes

eslint/eslint (eslint)


Compare Source


  • 0dd9704 feat: Support custom severity when reporting unused disable directives (#​17212) (Bryan Mishkin)
  • 31a7e3f feat: fix no-restricted-properties false negatives with unknown objects (#​17818) (Arka Pratim Chaudhuri)

Bug Fixes

  • 7d5e5f6 fix: TypeError: fs.exists is not a function on read-only file system (#​17846) (Francesco Trotta)
  • 74739c8 fix: suggestion with invalid syntax in no-promise-executor-return rule (#​17812) (Bryan Mishkin)


  • 9007719 docs: update link in (#​17839) (Amel SELMANE)
  • 3a22236 docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
  • 54c3ca6 docs: fix migration-guide example (#​17829) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • 4391b71 docs: check config comments in rule examples (#​17815) (Francesco Trotta)
  • fd28363 docs: remove mention about ESLint stylistic rules in readme (#​17810) (Zwyx)
  • 48ed5a6 docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)



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