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Update Node.js to v20.13.1 - autoclosed

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
node (source) engines minor 20.12.1 -> 20.13.1


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Release Notes

nodejs/node (node)

v20.13.1: 2024-05-09, Version 20.13.1 'Iron' (LTS), @​marco-ippolito

Compare Source

2024-05-09, Version 20.13.1 'Iron' (LTS), @​marco-ippolito

Revert "tools: install npm PowerShell scripts on Windows"

Due to a regression in the npm installation on Windows, this commit reverts the change that installed npm PowerShell scripts on Windows.

  • [b7d80802cc] - Revert "tools: install npm PowerShell scripts on Windows" (marco-ippolito) #​52897

v20.13.0: 2024-05-07, Version 20.13.0 'Iron' (LTS), @​marco-ippolito

Compare Source

2024-05-07, Version 20.13.0 'Iron' (LTS), @​marco-ippolito

buffer: improve base64 and base64url performance

The performance of the base64 and base64url encoding and decoding functions has been improved significantly.

Contributed by Yagiz Nizipli in #​52428

crypto: deprecate implicitly shortened GCM tags

This release, introduces a doc-only deprecation of using GCM authentication tags that are shorter than the cipher's block size, unless the user specified the authTagLength option.

Contributed by Tobias Nießen in #​52345

events,doc: mark CustomEvent as stable

From this release CustomEvent has been marked stable.

Contributed by Daeyeon Jeong in #​52618

fs: add stacktrace to fs/promises

Sync functions in fs throwed an error with a stacktrace which is helpful for debugging. But functions in fs/promises throwed an error without a stacktrace. This commit adds stacktraces by calling Error.captureStacktrace and re-throwing the error.

Contributed by 翠 / green in #​49849

report: add --report-exclude-network option

New option --report-exclude-network, also available as report.excludeNetwork, enables the user to exclude networking interfaces in their diagnostic report. On some systems, this can cause the report to take minutes to generate so this option can be used to optimize that.

Contributed by Ethan Arrowood in #​51645

src: add uv_get_available_memory to report and process

From this release it is possible to get the available memory in the system by calling process.getAvailableMemory().

Contributed by theanarkh #​52023

stream: support typed arrays

This commit adds support for typed arrays in streams.

Contributed by IlyasShabi #​51866

util: support array of formats in util.styleText

It is now possible to pass an array of format strings to util.styleText to apply multiple formats to the same text.

console.log(util.styleText(['underline', 'italic'], 'My italic underlined message'));

Contributed by Marco Ippolito in #​52040

v8: implement v8.queryObjects() for memory leak regression testing

This is similar to the queryObjects() console API provided by the Chromium DevTools console. It can be used to search for objects that have the matching constructor on its prototype chain in the heap after a full garbage collection, which can be useful for memory leak regression tests. To avoid surprising results, users should avoid using this API on constructors whose implementation they don't control, or on constructors that can be invoked by other parties in the application.

To avoid accidental leaks, this API does not return raw references to the objects found. By default, it returns the count of the objects found. If options.format is 'summary', it returns an array containing brief string representations for each object. The visibility provided in this API is similar to what the heap snapshot provides, while users can save the cost of serialization and parsing and directly filer the target objects during the search.

We have been using this API internally for the test suite, which has been more stable than any other leak regression testing strategies in the CI. With a public implementation we can now use the public API instead.

const { queryObjects } = require('node:v8');
class A { foo = 'bar'; }
console.log(queryObjects(A)); // 0
let a = new A();
console.log(queryObjects(A)); // 1
// [ "A { foo: 'bar' }" ]
console.log(queryObjects(A, { format: 'summary' }));

// Release the object.
a = null;
// Search again. queryObjects() includes a full garbage collection
// so a should disappear.
console.log(queryObjects(A)); // 0

class B extends A { bar = 'qux'; }
// The child class B's prototype has A's prototype on its prototype chain
// so the prototype object shows up too.
console.log(queryObjects(A, { format: 'summary' })); // [ A {}' ]

Contributed by Joyee Cheung in #​51927

watch: mark as stable

From this release Watch Mode is considered stable. When in watch mode, changes in the watched files cause the Node.js process to restart.

Contributed by Moshe Atlow in #​52074

Other Notable Changes

v20.12.2: 2024-04-10, Version 20.12.2 'Iron' (LTS), @​RafaelGSS

Compare Source

This is a security release.

Notable Changes
  • CVE-2024-27980 - Command injection via args parameter of child_process.spawn without shell option enabled on Windows


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