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Update dependency gulp to v5

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
gulp (source) devDependencies major 4.0.2 -> 5.0.0


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Release Notes

gulpjs/gulp (gulp)


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We've tried to provide a high-level changelog for gulp v5 below, but it doesn't contain all changes from the 60+ dependencies that we maintain.

Please see individual changelogs to drill down into all changes that were made.

  • Drop support for Node.js <10.13
  • Default stream encoding to UTF-8
  • Standardized on anymatch library for globbing paths. All globs should work the same between src and watch now!
  • Removed support for ordered globs. This aligns with the chokidar globbing implementation. If you need your globs to be ordered, you can use ordered-read-stream
  • All globs and paths are normalized to unix-like filepaths
  • Only allow JS variants for .gulp.* config files
  • Removed support for alpha releases of v4 from gulp-cli
  • Removed the --verify flag
  • Renamed the --require flag to --preload to avoid conflicting with Node.js flags
  • Removed many legacy and deprecated loaders
  • Upgrade to chokidar v3
  • Clone Vinyl objects with stream contents using teex, but no longer wait for all streams to flow before cloned streams will receive data
  • Stop using process.umask() to make directories, instead falling back to Node's default mode
  • Throw on non-function, non-string option coercers
  • Drop support of Node.js snake_case flags
  • Use a Symbol for attaching the gulplog namespace to the store
  • Use a Symbol for attaching the gulplog store to the global
  • Use sha256 to hash the v8flags cache into a filename
  • Streamlined the dependency tree
  • Switch all streams implementation to Streamx
  • Rewrote glob-stream to use a custom directory walk that relies on newer Node.js features and is more performant than old implementation
  • Implement translation support for all CLI messages and all messages passing through gulplog
  • Allow users to customize or remove the timestamp from their logs
  • Upgraded gulplog to v2. Messages logged via v1 will also display a deprecated warning. Plugins should update to v2 as the community upgrades to gulp 5
  • Added support for gulpile.cjs and gulpfile.mjs
  • Add support for swc, esbuild, sucrase, and mdx loaders
  • Provide an ESM export (#​2760) (b00de68)
  • Support sourcemap handling on streaming Vinyl contents
  • Support extends syntax for .gulp.* config file
  • Allow overriding gulpfile and preloads via .gulp.* config file
Bug Fixes
  • Resolve bugs related to symlinks on various platforms
  • Resolved some reported ReDoS CVEs and improved performance in glob-parent
  • Rework errors surfaced when encountering files or symlinks when trying to create directories
  • Ensure watch allows japanese characters in globs (72668c6)
  • Ensure watch does not trigger on negated globs (72668c6)
  • Improve handling of BOM at the beginning of a stream
  • Properly handle function coercer in array of option coercers
  • Fork to-absolute-glob to:
    • Check negative patterns before trimming
    • Ensure glob-like characters are escaped in cwd & root options
    • Resolve ../ at the beginning of globs
Miscellaneous Chores
  • Remove lazystream dependency
  • Updated various stream test suites to test against Node.js core stream, readable-stream, and streamx
  • Normalize repository, dropping node <10.13 support (#​2758) (72668c6)
Individual Changelogs

We created and maintain various projects that gulp depends upon. You can find their changelogs linked below:


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