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Update dependency jest-environment-jsdom to v29.5.0 - autoclosed

igswsihw-wmadepbot requested to merge renovate/jest-environment-jsdom-29.x into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
jest-environment-jsdom 29.3.1 -> 29.5.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • [jest-changed-files] Support Sapling (#​13941)
  • [jest-circus, @​jest/cli, jest-config] Add feature to randomize order of tests via CLI flag or through the config file(#​12922)
  • [jest-cli, jest-config, @​jest/core, jest-haste-map, @​jest/reporters, jest-runner, jest-runtime, @​jest/types] Add workerThreads configuration option to allow using worker threads for parallelization (#​13939)
  • [jest-cli] Export yargsOptions (#​13970)
  • [jest-config] Add openHandlesTimeout option to configure possible open handles warning. (#​13875)
  • [@jest/create-cache-key-function] Allow passing length argument to createCacheKey() function and set its default value to 16 on Windows (#​13827)
  • [jest-message-util] Add support for AggregateError (#​13946 & #​13947)
  • [jest-message-util] Add support for Error causes in test and it (#​13935 & #​13966)
  • [jest-reporters] Add summaryThreshold option to summary reporter to allow overriding the internal threshold that is used to print the summary of all failed tests when the number of test suites surpasses it (#​13895)
  • [jest-runtime] Expose @sinonjs/fake-timers async APIs functions advanceTimersByTimeAsync(msToRun) (tickAsync(msToRun)), advanceTimersToNextTimerAsync(steps) (nextAsync), runAllTimersAsync (runAllAsync), and runOnlyPendingTimersAsync (runToLastAsync) (#​13981)
  • [jest-runtime, @​jest/transform] Allow V8 coverage provider to collect coverage from files which were not loaded explicitly (#​13974)
  • [jest-snapshot] Add support to cts and mts TypeScript files to inline snapshots (#​13975)
  • [jest-worker] Add start method to worker farms (#​13937)
  • [jest-worker] Support passing a URL as path to worker (#​13982)
  • [babel-plugin-jest-hoist] Fix unwanted hoisting of nested jest usages (#​13952)
  • [jest-circus] Send test case results for todo tests (#​13915)
  • [jest-circus] Update message printed on test timeout (#​13830)
  • [jest-circus] Avoid creating the word "testfalse" when takesDoneCallback is false in the message printed on test timeout AND updated timeouts test (#​13954)
  • [jest-environment-jsdom] Stop setting document to null on teardown (#​13972)
  • [@jest/expect-utils] Update toStrictEqual() to be able to check jest.fn().mock.calls (#​13960)
  • [@jest/test-result] Allow TestResultsProcessor type to return a Promise (#​13950)
Chore & Maintenance
  • [jest-snapshot] Remove dependency on jest-haste-map (#​13977)


Compare Source

  • [expect] Update toThrow() to be able to use error causes (#​13606)
  • [jest-core] allow to use workerIdleMemoryLimit with only 1 worker or runInBand option (#​13846)
  • [jest-message-util] Add support for error causes (#​13868 & #​13912)
  • [jest-runtime] Revert import assertions for JSON modules as it's been relegated to Stage 2 (#​13911)
  • [@jest/expect-utils] subsetEquality should consider also an object's inherited string keys (#​13824)
  • [jest-mock] Clear mock state when jest.restoreAllMocks() is called (#​13867)
  • [jest-mock] Prevent mockImplementationOnce and mockReturnValueOnce bleeding into withImplementation (#​13888)
  • [jest-mock] Do not restore mocks when jest.resetAllMocks() is called (#​13866)


Compare Source

  • [expect, @​jest/expect] Provide type of actual as a generic argument to Matchers to allow better-typed extensions (#​13848)
  • [jest-circus] Added explicit mention of test failing because done() is not being called in error message (#​13847)
  • [jest-runtime] Handle CJS re-exports of node core modules from ESM (#​13856)
  • [jest-transform] Downgrade write-file-atomic to v4 (#​13853)
  • [jest-worker] Ignore IPC messages not intended for Jest (#​13543)
Chore & Maintenance
  • [*] make sure to exclude .eslintcache from published module (#​13832)
  • [docs] Cleanup incorrect links in (#​13857)


Compare Source

  • [expect, jest-circus, @​jest/types] Implement numPassingAsserts of testResults to track the number of passing asserts in a test (#​13795)
  • [jest-core] Add newlines to JSON output (#​13817)
  • [@jest/reporters] Automatic log folding in GitHub Actions Reporter (#​13626)
  • [@jest/expect-utils] toMatchObject diffs should include Symbol properties (#​13810)
  • [jest-runtime] Handle missing replaceProperty (#​13823)
  • [@jest/types] Add partial support for done callbacks in typings of each (#​13756)


Compare Source

  • [expect, @​jest/expect-utils] Support custom equality testers (#​13654)
  • [jest-config, jest-worker] Use os.availableParallelism if available to calculate number of workers to spawn (#​13738)
  • [@jest/globals, jest-mock] Add jest.replaceProperty() that replaces property value (#​13496)
  • [jest-haste-map] ignore Sapling vcs directories (.sl/) (#​13674)
  • [jest-resolve] Support subpath imports (#​13705, #​13723, #​13777)
  • [jest-runtime] Add jest.isolateModulesAsync for scoped module initialization of asynchronous functions (#​13680)
  • [jest-runtime] Add jest.isEnvironmentTornDown function (#​13741)
  • [jest-test-result] Added skipped and focused status to FormattedTestResult (#​13700)
  • [jest-transform] Support for asynchronous createTransformer (#​13762)
  • [jest-environment-node] Fix non-configurable globals (#​13687)
  • [@jest/expect-utils] toMatchObject should handle Symbol properties (#​13639)
  • [jest-mock] Fix mockReset and resetAllMocks undefined return value(#​13692)
  • [jest-resolve] Add global paths to require.resolve.paths (#​13633)
  • [jest-resolve] Correct node core module detection when using node: specifiers (#​13806)
  • [jest-runtime] Support WASM files that import JS resources (#​13608)
  • [jest-runtime] Use the scriptTransformer cache in jest-runner (#​13735)
  • [jest-runtime] Enforce import assertions when importing JSON in ESM (#​12755 & #​13805)
  • [jest-snapshot] Make sure to import babel outside of the sandbox (#​13694)
  • [jest-transform] Ensure the correct configuration is passed to preprocessors specified multiple times in the transform option (#​13770)
Chore & Maintenance
  • [@jest/fake-timers] Update @sinonjs/fake-timers (#​13612)
  • [docs] Improve custom puppeteer example to prevent worker warnings (#​13619)


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