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Update dependency jest-environment-jsdom to v29.6.4 - autoclosed

igswsihw-wmadepbot requested to merge renovate/jest-environment-jsdom-29.x into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
jest-environment-jsdom 29.5.0 -> 29.6.4 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes

jestjs/jest (jest-environment-jsdom)


Compare Source

  • [jest-core] Fix typo in scheduleAndRun performance marker (#​14434)
  • [jest-environment-node] Make sure atob and btoa are writeable in Node 20 (#​14446)
  • [jest-worker] Additional error wrapper for parentPort.postMessage to fix unhandled DataCloneError. (#​14437)


Compare Source

  • [expect, @​jest/expect-utils] ObjectContaining support sumbol as key (#​14414)
  • [expect] Remove @types/node from dependencies (#​14385)
  • [jest-core] Use workers in watch mode by default to avoid crashes (#​14059 & #​14085).
  • [jest-reporters] Update istanbul-lib-instrument dependency to v6. (#​14401)
  • [jest-mock] Revert #​13692 as it was a breaking change (#​14429)
  • [jest-mock] Revert #​13866 as it was a breaking change (#​14429)
  • [jest-mock] Revert #​13867 as it was a breaking change (#​14429)
  • [@jest/reporters] Marks Reporter's hooks as optional (#​14433)
  • [jest-runtime] Fix dynamic ESM import module bug when loaded module through jest.isolateModulesAsync (#​14397)
Chore & Maintenance
  • [jest-changed-files, jest-circus, jest-console, @​jest/core, @​jest/runtime, @​jest/transform] Use invariant and notEmpty from jest-util rather than own internal (#​14366)


Compare Source

  • [jest-circus] Fix snapshot matchers in concurrent tests when nr of tests exceeds maxConcurrency (#​14335)
  • [@jest/core] When running global setup and teardown, do not try to change the message property of the thrown error object when the message property is unwritable (#​14113)
  • [jest-snapshot] Move @types/prettier from dependencies to devDependencies (#​14328)
  • [jest-snapshot] Throw an explicit error if Prettier v3 is used (#​14367)
  • [jest-reporters] Add "skipped" and "todo" symbols to Github Actions Reporter (#​14309)
Chore & Maintenance
  • [@jest/core] Use pluralize from jest-util rather than own internal (#​14322)


Compare Source



Compare Source

  • [jest-circus, jest-snapshot] Add support for snapshot matchers in concurrent tests (#​14139)
  • [jest-cli] Include type definitions to generated config files (#​14078)
  • [jest-snapshot] Support arrays as property matchers (#​14025)
  • [jest-core, jest-circus, jest-reporter, jest-runner] Added support for reporting about start individual test cases using jest-circus (#​14174)
  • [jest-circus] Prevent false test failures caused by promise rejections handled asynchronously (#​14110)
  • [jest-config] Handle frozen config object (#​14054)
  • [jest-config] Allow coverageDirectory and collectCoverageFrom in project config (#​14180)
  • [jest-core] Always use workers in watch mode to avoid crashes (#​14059).
  • [jest-environment-jsdom, jest-environment-node] Fix assignment of customExportConditions via testEnvironmentOptions when custom env subclass defines a default value (#​13989)
  • [jest-matcher-utils] Fix copying value of inherited getters (#​14007)
  • [jest-mock] Tweak typings to allow jest.replaceProperty() replace methods (#​14008)
  • [jest-mock] Improve user input validation and error messages of spyOn and replaceProperty methods (#​14087)
  • [jest-runtime] Bind jest.isolateModulesAsync to this (#​14083)
  • [jest-runtime] Forward wrapperLength to the Script constructor as columnOffset for accurate debugging (#​14148)
  • [jest-runtime] Guard _isMockFunction access with in (#​14188)
  • [jest-snapshot] Fix a potential bug when not using prettier and improve performance (#​14036)
  • [@jest/transform] Do not instrument .json modules (#​14048)
  • [jest-worker] Restart a shut down worker before sending it a task (#​14015)
Chore & Maintenance
  • [*] Update semver dependency to get vulnerability fix (#​14262)
  • [docs] Updated documentation for the --runTestsByPath CLI command (#​14004)
  • [docs] Updated documentation regarding the synchronous fallback when asynchronous code transforms are unavailable (#​14056)
  • [docs] Update jest statistics of use and downloads in website Index.


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