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Update to USWDS 2.0.1

Created by: abriggs-usgs

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Update WDFN-Vis Package to USWDS 2.0.1

This is the second part of .


Updated to USWDS 2.0.1. This required the changing of several class names. Additionally, the header template was reformatted to comply with both USGS and USWDS standards. Most notably, the 'how do you know' drop down was added to the 'official government' banner and all links were removed from the USGS banner.

Additional notes: After Mary pointed out that the links that I took out of the header, because they were appearing in the header, should actually be there but below the header, I put the links back in and fixed the related classes and sass files. The links are now in the correct location.

I also removed the blue line under 'Current selection. ' The blue line was always there, regardless of whether the 'Current selection' was currently selected. This was controlled by the 'usa-current' class styles, but didn't seem sensible in the current context. I removed the 'usa-current' class and changed the selection label from 'Current selection' to 'Selection One.'

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