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added to test_get_value, with mods to set/get for vars with dims nhru…

McDonald, Richard R. requested to merge newtest into master

Hi Mark and Parker, Parker helped me out with accessing child class members for example here dday_intcp which is a member of Solrad_degday, a child of Solradiation. Per Parkers suggestion I used "select type" and "type is" constructs to access members of the child class. The relevant changes in this PR are adding

  1. use SOLAR_RADIATION_DEGDAY, only: Solrad_degday in m_prms_surface.f90.

  2. The set/get functions for dday_intcp and other variables in solrad_degday in bmi-prms_surface.f90

I tested the dday_intcp in test_get_value.f90 with success!

Mostly Mark I want to make you aware of these changes with regards to the python wrapping and to make sure this will work before moving forward with exposing more vars and updating the test programs?

Thanks for the review, Rich

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