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Update NotificationIndexCleanup and ReliableIndexerListener (parent of ExtentIndexerListener)

Jeremy M Fee requested to merge ghsc/users/jmfee/pdl:149-indexer-queuing into master

Closes #149 (closed)

  • pause between loops for both NotificationIndexCleanup and ReliableIndexerListener
    • 1ms between each listener callback, 1s after removing batch
    • JsonNotificationIndex returns 1k notifications for each loop
    • assuming 10s to process 1k product removes from storage and 1 batch delete, plus 2s pause, should still remove ~300k expired notifications per hour
  • log results for batch delete at finest level. docs suggest this should throw exception if any occur.

The ExtentIndexerListener is largely independent of the Indexer, but was sharing the same product index (JDBCProductIndex is parent of ExtentIndex) object. When these are in mysql, it seems okay to configure an independent object to avoid synchronization issues.

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